Sunday, March 8, 2015

ChatAbout - This Looks Promising!

Another site that I found tonight is ChatAbout. Basically, ChatAbout pays you to write posts, answer questions, etc.  It also has the usual Paid to Click (PTC) tasks that most other sites that pay you to do things have.  But the difference is I'm racking up points quickly with ChatAbout.  It's pretty easy to earn, and I'm already at 80 points.  1000 points will get me $5 in my Paypal.  If I get 100 points per day, that's only 10 days to earn $5!  Not bad!

I really like this site and I think you will too.  Use my referral link and I'll get 10% of your earnings for life!!  Sweet deal!


  1. Very indeed nice post about chatabout. I have cashed out there many times and would recommend the site highly too.

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